Mission of MusicStats.org

MusicStats.org is a platform aimed at discussing interesting topics related to Music, Marketing and Technology, from a behavioral perspective. Among our mission, we strive to constantly develop and present findings of studies designed, conducted and analyzed by us.

We aim to provide a meaningful contribution to students, researchers, the music industry and stakeholders around the world. We also aim to develop research collaborations with universities, research groups and the music industry to better understand and address the needs and wants of music lovers.

Our main research interests involving the context of Marketing and Music include (but not limited to):

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • General Music Consumer Behavior
  • Mobile and Wearable Technology
  • All Forms of Music Experience (E.g. Concerts, Theater)
  • Behavior and Perception Towards Music-Related Products
  • Branding and Advertisement
  • Retail Environment
  • Tourism and Destination Branding and Experience
  • Sports

We are open to researching the above Marketing related topics over any Music genre or industry context. Furthermore, despite our name of Music “Stats”, and developing mostly studies from a positivist perspective, we are also open and interested in developing qualitative studies and are not limited to any specific methodological approach. As art, we believe science should also be free of conventions!

We hope you enjoy the insights of our ideas, research findings and that somehow our studies can help us all understand better the fascinating world of Music!

Turn it up!

MusicStats.org Team

Legal Rights and Ownership

So far all studies and data presented at MusicStats.org have been developed by Prof. Dr. Francisco Tigre Moura (At IUBH School of Business and Management, Germany) and students under his supervision.

In case of any reuse of the data published here for commercial use, please communicated to us HERE. We FULLY support the reuse of the work here presented for educational purposes.

All images displayed on the site are taken from free photo sharing sites on the Internet. In case any of the photos displayed breaks any authorship right, please contact us and the image will be removed immediately.

MusicStats.org Team

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