2040: Artificial Intelligence Took Over the Music Industry. And We Love it.


It is 2040. The world has been forced to adapt to new dynamics of living ever since Artificial Intelligence (AI) took over all industries and changed our planet.

While currently there are protests and conflicts happening in every corner on the globe due to the unimaginable amount of unemployed humans, there is one factor that has been instrumental to ease pains and tensions of billions:


Artificial Intelligence has taken over the music industry and humans love it.

We live in a world of infinite beautiful free music.

And the lovely music produced by AI has helped immensely humans to deal with the consequences of the conflict between automation and population growth.

Here are some insights as to how the music industry looks nowadays:

1. Nightclubs

Governments and the private sector have subsidized entrance fees to clubs as an attempt to provide comfort and entertainment to the millions that are unemployed and live off basic universal income.

As consequence, clubs are full 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is the perfect environment for escapism from the frustrations of a life without a clear goal.

Teenagers and young adults are enjoying clubs more than they had ever before. The idea of an “empty dance floor” no longer exists. With an unimaginable accuracy, Virtual DJs are capable of collecting data from human emotional responses off their wearable devices and to adjust song tempos, beats and melodies to make sure that the vast majority of visitors are having a fantastic time. All adaptations are made in real time in only a matter of milliseconds.

Any reduction or change on emotional response is immediately followed by changes to the AI compositions.

And these new songs created by the Virtual DJs, if requested by the visitor, are sent directly to their devices. They can later hear them and extend memories of the night.

No set list is the same. Every night Virtual DJs create beautiful new songs.

People now not only go to clubs to dance, drink and socialize. They now always leave the club with new songs as “gifts” from the virtual DJs. All completely free.

Human DJs? Well, we haven’t heard of them in a long time.

2. Singer/Songwriter Nights

Such events no longer exist. Crowds are now reluctant to believe in true human compositions. There were attempts of independent musicians to go up on stage and perform songs of their own in small pubs or clubs. But whenever that happened, crowds shout what is now a famous line: “We know you are a lie, this song was written by AI”.

From what I remember, around 2033 there were no more singer/songwriter nights. At least not anywhere in Europe.

3. Celebrity Musicians

The industry has also changed immensely for famous musicians. Here are some examples:


Take Adele, for example. She was the biggest global star back in 2017. At that time, she was touring with her album “25”. It contained songs she wrote. Isn’t that hard to believe nowadays? She, like many other musicians, would actually spent time writing music.

Oh well, some time in history we also wasted time driving cars, building buildings (one brick at a time!) and making calculations. Glad we’re passed that.

Anyway, ever since AI started composing songs, Adele quickly became one of the first stars to make use of AI compositions ranked as “Extreme Difficult Singing Level”. These songs contained the hardest melodies to sing. You need to achieve extremely high notes in complex music structures.

In 2030 she released her album “42” where she explicitly sang only AI songs of “Extreme Difficult Singing Level”. It was a huge success! Songs were incredibly beautiful and only she could sing them that way.

Ah, and her album contained 53 songs.

Did you know that at some point humans would wait 2 years for an artist to launch an album that only contained 12 songs?

It is incredible how humans have a limited creative capacity.

Anyhow, her fans have attended all her sold out concerts trying to sing along to the perfect melodies and lyrics that AI had created for her. Her album was also made available in “VSL- Various Singing Levels”, including “Beginners Singing Level”.

Her fans are no longer admirers of her because of her songwriting, but rather due to her extraordinary singing ability and captivating personality.

John Mayer

John Mayer is another talent that has benefitted greatly from AI compositions. He is one of the very few guitar players capable of playing live the riffs and solos of “Extreme Difficult Guitar Level” generated by AI. In his most recent album launched in 2037 named “Please Believe Me, I Am a Better ManMayer shows the world why he is one of the best human guitar players of all times.

During his live concerts he performs songs with an unbelievable accuracy and personal interpretation. On a large screen behind the stage, a projection displays the software giving live feedback to his performance of the compositions. In the end of each song, it is displayed a rating of his performance with a description. The crowd goes wild every time as he pretty much always achieves the highest ratings.

At the moment, he is the only guitar player to achieve “100 Triple Stars” for his guitar playing during his most recent tour.

Simply incredible.


Beyoncé still remains a powerful global star. If helping reduce global warming by funding AI related start-ups that have reduced temperatures in the Middle East and having two new pairs of genetically modified twins wasn’t enough, the multi-talented artist has also sold out arenas around the globe with her most recent tour. All mostly due to the innovative choreography performances.

The performance displays chorographical dance moves never seen made by humans. The creation, all done by AI, was based on a minimalistic analysis to identify patters of movements from trajectories resultant from collisions of particles, movements of amphibian species throughout millions of years of evolutionary process and changes in shapes of clouds throughout the seventeenth century in southeast Asia.

Who would have guessed that the combination of these factors would result on a beautiful performance if replicated by humans?

Well, artificial intelligence did.

And only Beyoncé and her team of robot-trained dancers to be able to perform such extraordinary choreography. Another interesting aspect is that she sings the same melodies and lyrics every night, but her “Intelligent Band” performs a different harmony every night to the same melodies. And they always match perfectly. So, in essence, she sings “new songs” every night.

All of which, are sent directly to the devices of everyone in the audience.

It is expected that by the end of her tour each song will have 450 new versions. Her fans exchange versions of the songs online and have never been happier.

4. Independent Musicians

Independent artists are more popular than ever before. They all have incredible private home studios capable of recording songs generated by AI and also produced by AI. All the musician need to do is play the song while it is being recorded.

Not playing the instrument at all is also an option.

The software does all the rest and in a matter of hours a new record is fully made.

Authorship in music, like in many other forms of art, no longer exists.

One of the main challenges for independent musicians is information overload. There are simply too many musicians, so it has become incredibly difficult for them to become stars. Musicians no longer become renowned for their songs, but rather for their personalities and life stories.

It is estimated that only in the city of New York 10,000 new music albums are recorded every week by independent musicians. It represents a large amount of music, but extremely low if compared with the projections of the near future.

Music selling no longer exists.

5. Vaults From the Past:

The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra are back!

A new trend that started in 2022 and ever since has become very popular is the development of new compositions with voice tones from singers of the past.

Software has been able to identify voice tones, sounds and singing styles of singers and replicate them to any song. New or old. There are uncountable examples:

  • Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson have quickly gone back to the top of the charts.
  • And the most recent example was the release of the Beatles album performing Brazilian Bossa Nova. Wow, it has become a huge global success.

Who would have guessed that John Lennon’s voice was so suitable to this style and that it would sound perfect in Portuguese?

Oh yes, I forgot to say: The concept of “going viral” has also changed. Now it is a matter of seconds. And when we say “global”, we literally mean “global”.

Yes, there are innumerous conflicts as it has become impossible to identify if such songs are created by software or if they are original recordings that were never released. The quality is perfect.

Nonetheless, fans are simply loving it.

Final Thoughts

Currently in 2040…

We live in a world of infinite beautiful free music.

Music selling no longer exists.

Authorship in art no longer exists.

Songwriting is no longer seen as an ability to be admired.

Musicians are revered simply by their abilities to perform and for their personalities.

Artificial Intelligence has made concerts much more creative and gamification of the musicians performance is also part of the concert experience.

As seen repeatedly throughout history, the older generations complain about the behaviors and preferences of the youth. They say the world, art and music is nothing like it was in their time and that everything is losing its essence.

The new generation loves it.

And yes, the Rolling Stones are still rocking it on stage with their new tour.