Ralph Schwägerl

Hey there, I’m Ralph Schwägerl. I study International Management at IUBH School of Business and Management, work at a business consultancy in Bonn (Germany) and write articles for MusicStats.org.

Music has always accompanied me through my life.

I grew up with a dad being addicted to music and we spent many car rides, evenings and nights listening to his kind of music and getting to know a lot about several bands and musicians that I never heard of before.

At MusicStats.org I’m trying to understand music further, like getting to know what happens with people when they listen to music. Besides that what fascinates me is how music is brought to the consumer, how they experience the full set of music marketing methods and also how to develop those marketing methods further to meet different target groups.

At the moment I like the Arctic Monkeys, the Killers, the Beatles, Queen, Fall Out Boy, Aynsley Lister (thanks Dad) or German musicians like Peter Fox, Kraftklub, SDP, Alligatoah. If you ask me tomorrow again I most certainly will name you different ones!